Cats should be fed some wet food daily


Scotty eatingRecommendations for feeding your cat have changed over the years. I can remember when the only choice was canned Puss N’ Boots. Then came the dry food revolution, and we swung from a high moisture diet to the opposite end of the scale. Now we know that some canned food should be included in your cat’s diet every day. Continue reading

Veterinary diets – something to chew on


As your pet’s health care provider, an integral part of what I do involves dietary counselling.

After examining your pet, I will select a veterinary prescription diet that is ideally suited for your pet’s nutritional needs. We call our diets prescription foods because they are selected by a doctor to treat or prevent medical conditions. This makes them different from regular pet foods.

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Cooking for Luna

Luna has the misfortune of having food sensitivity. The only food she can eat is a home made turkey and pea diet (with special supplements). Her owner is very dedicated, and has been making Luna’s meals since the end of 2012. The food is cooked every 2 months and placed in containers for freezing. One batch takes 2 turkeys (14 lbs of meat) and 7 lbs of peas. Here are some pictures of the most recent preparation.

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