Broken toe nails

Broken toe nails are an injury that pet owners occasionally have to deal with. Most often they occur due to trauma – running or playing on a hard surface, getting caught on something, or banging up against an object. Pet nails have a blood supply called the quick. When this is damaged, the nail bleeds. Though the amount of blood loss is rarely serious, trying to stop the oozing can be difficult. Applying pressure with a cloth for two minutes, then keeping your pet as quiet as possible, is what I recommend. If you cannot stop the bleeding, calling the clinic for assistance is the next step. Continue reading

Ear infections

Ear infections (otitis externa) are a common occurrence in our pets and can cause scratching, rubbing, and head shaking. Some pet owners will notice a dirty ear that needs to be cleaned all the time. A normal, healthy ear needs no intervention, so a build up of wax means something is wrong. Continue reading